Program Feature Updates 2021.2

Costume Save and Restore

This feature will be updated on every content in my site one by one.


Super cool menu moving gesture

How many of you felt the pain of grab gesture in hand tracking mode?

This feature is updated on almost all contents. Did I miss anything?


Experimental Y-axis feature

Play VR games in bed on your back.

Don’t forget to align your front direction by holding the “O” button of your right controller.

You can find the option here.

This feature will be updated on all premium VR Hand Revolution games.

VR Comics on this site has this feature.


VR Hand Revolution Auto Mode Gestures

These are provided for the auto mode + hand tracking users.


New Menu Button and Ceilings in VR Comic

In the past, I put the menu button in the sky and removed the ceilings. It was a remnant from the Standing Girl game series.

From now on, every content will have the ceilings and menu button will be blended into the background like this.

Toilet Sex VR Comic will have this feature, I’ll fix all other Premium VR Comics and several VR Hand Revolution contents, too.

In reality, this menu button is not necessary. But it’s been kept for compatibility.

Color Change Feature

This feature has been asked repeatedly, finally I’ve made time to make it.

This feature is being tested on full-featured VR Standing Girls, and Sexual Gym demo.

This feature will be used on every content from now on. All Premium contents are updated with feature.


Engine Overhaul of all free VR Comics
  1. Frame rate improvement of 10%-15%
  2. In the two hand mode, Laser Cursor is hidden except when pointing at the menu board, or overhead menu button. You can also hide the overhead menu button from the start menu.
  3. “Click ground warp” feature is removed if the user has analog stick.
  4. “Cut mode” is removed.

* Please comment if you see any strange behavior. I cannot possibly test everything thoroughly.


Auto Hide Main Hand option for VR Hand Revolution

(Sexy Doctor Aida, and Flight Attendant have this)

I wonder how many of you are using Auto Mode + Hand Tracking in VR Hand Revolution?

If your Hand Tracking works barely enough to click menus, but not enough for beating, this may be useful. Hand reappears if you move it near the menu.


VR Ero-Beat Game

Laser Mode Gameplay

Test your targeting capability.

Hand Tracking Gameplay

Good for seated play. Easiest game mode.

Twohand 6DOF Gameplay

Most challenging mode. Have some space in front of you to be safe.

(video record on Quest 2)

Also check out a funny Mixed Reality video

Go to VR page

Find these links on the game page.

  • You can enter your nickname here. This is not a login, use any dummy name.

  • For auto play mode, use the following option. You can enjoy all the reactions without playing.

Improved Score System

1. Displaying progress on the score bar

If you look at the score meter closely, there’s one more transparent bar.

2. Accuracy display and score improvement

Try to get as many ‘perfect’ as you can. You have to hit the target exactly at the moment (0.03 second period). You can do it! if you listen to the music carefully.

I have improved several of my own scores by the benefit of this system. Getting the perfect hits feels quite good.


For anyone wants to make beat maps

Beat Editor Page


Ero-Rhythm Game released

Recording of Yuna’s dildo song
Enhanced Boobs Grabbing

This movement doesn’t have any effect on score, but it looks better ????????

Go to game page

  • I’m concentrating on VR rhythm games. I see no prospect of upgrading web rhythm games for a while.
Audio Latency Problem in Android

Latency is auto detected. It’ll be okay most of the time.

If you feel that the music and game don’t match, try to fix the latency using the Latency Adjustment feature.

Program Feature Updates 2021.1

Auto Eye Contact

(VR Dance, Rhythm, Full Featured VR Standing Girls have this)

Asymmetrical Boob Bounce

(VR Dance, Rhythm, Full Featured VR Standing Girls have this)

Detail here

Getting Rid of the Annoying Laser Cursor in Twohand VR

(VR Hand Revolution games, VR Dance have this update)

Laser cursor is visible only if pointed at the menu button.

Turn off the overhead menu button to completely disable unwanted laser cursor popping up.


Made it easier to grab menu in VR Hand Tracking

(VR Hand Revolution games have this update)

Menu grabbing doesn’t work very well, because the Quest hand tracking sucks in the first place. (it’s only good for grabbing our dicks in a seated position????)

I tuned the menu grabbing to make it easier. What you’re seeing in this video is the result. (still not that good, though) I’d say it’s better than it was before.


Repeat Sex Mode (update complete)

????Office Elevator and all Free Animated Comics
????All full featured Standing Girls

I cannot possibly test all these thoroughly. Especially, one feature may break another. So I hope you to tell me quickly if you see any errors.

Video sound warning – pay attention to the upper right corner

Sometimes I feel that the sex loops in Animated Comics pass by too quickly.

This is the feature that repeats only the sex portion without the transition parts. (like an A-B repeat feature) The range will be set in advance for optimal repetition.

This will give more replay value to the Animated Comics game. Especially, combine this with first person mode (I mean both Web and VR)

Web Animated Comic First person mode (update complete)

???? Office Elevator and all Free Animated Comics

You can adjust the viewing direction in first person mode by
1) Swiping in touch mode
2) Mouse right button drag in PC mode

This is an improvement from the previous rotation button method.

  • note for iOS users
    In iOS, some of you may have noticed that you can’t hold touch input for more than 5 seconds (like in the boob grabing and holding) That’s an inherent problem of iOS Safari, I can’t fix it. A workaround is moving the touch finger constantly.
  • note – I cannot update Standing Girl games (Web or VR) with first person view. No time for it, sorry.


Major Todo (need plan to make time)

-Facial animation mixing
For example, this can be a way to trigger kissing in any poses, it’s a large amount of work.


Program Feature Updates 2020 Part.4

Hand Tracking

Guides moved to this post

Trigger Reaction by VR head position (sound)

Available on full features VR girls.

Remember guys, don’t look at the pussy to trigger this ???????? Look slightly (about 9cm) above to trigger this. We are licking here.

HTC Vive Support (Fully Updated)

find details in Web VR Guide page


Hand Tracking Update

VR Game Page

New Reactions on free contents

To play this posture, press ‘Prev Posture’ once. It’s the last one.
All full-featured girls have this reaction.

1. Don’t miss this new reactions (sound warning)
2. Hand Tracked Cumshot

Beat it 5-6 times to shoot.

Call Menu & Tracking Error

Look at both of your palms for 1-2 seconds.

Program Feature Updates 2020 part.3

Wow, I’ve fixed much at this phase. Time to open a new thread.


Costume Dropping Effect (fully updated)

If you want to drop the costume quickly, you can also use the scissor mode, rather than cumshot.

Neck and Whole Body sliders (fully updated)

Unfortunately, the Neck will only work correctly on Sophitia. All DOA girls (even Leifang Bikinis and Marie Rose Bikinis) won’t have the Neck. And Yuna neck won’t look good, either. This can’t be fixed.

I think Whole Body slider will be more useful, making the girl more slim & taller, or fatter & shorter.

Also the save feature had some problems, it’ll be fixed. It was constantly resetting every time I update the contents. Though I doubt that anyone uses this limited Body Menu that much.

New Cumshot Effect (Fully updated)

I’m leaving the symbolic bubble icon as it is

Shadow Detail Option (VR Comics)

Oculus Browser update around 8th,July gave the VR Comics a bad frame rate drop. It was related to the shadow detail.

The problem was that my VR Comics were using a huge shadow texture, probably Oculus developers didn’t expect that.

Here’s the new option on the start screen (VR Comics)

Default is down two levels from the previous (8192 to 2048 pixels), we’ll see some frame rate boost in VR comics, get lower quality shadow.

Fell free to experiment with the options. Max (8192 pixels) is for the PC. I can use that when I record promotional videos on PC.

VR Global Scaler (fully updated)

This is the Global Scale button. You’ll know what to do.

VR Stick Movement (fully updated)

If you want to change the speed of stick or menu click movement, use this option

Right hand stick – move
Left hand stick – rotate, altitude

Somehow this feature gives a little motion sickness to me, it’s up to the user to use this or menu.

This stick function reminds me that I might need the swap hands choice again. It’s possible that a user wants the move function on the left, rotation function on the right side. I’ll go without the swap hands for now, and see if such any need arises in the future.

Oculus Go Left Handed Problem (fully updated)

I don’t think many people use Oculus Go in Left Handed mode. Today I found the laser pointer is missing in Left Handed mode????

I fixed it. It’ll be updated in the next full engine update for VR.

Along with it, the useless ‘Swap hands’ option is removed. It was for the legacy WebVR API. WebVR is not used except for the Oculus Rift now, and it doesn’t need swap hands.

Display Frame Rate (fully updated)

I’ve set it ON as default, as many mobile VR users will be curious to know what kind of frame we were seeing.

It was a surprise that what I was seeing was around 20 fps, and it is playable enough (albeit not very pleasant) if I don’t move too much.

my numbers
Oculus Quest (1.6x boost) – around 20 fps
Oculus Rift S – 80fps
Windows Mixed – 90fps

I hope we could get a Oculus Quest V2 soon and double the frame rate ????

AR Standing Girl Play Guide

*Important notice – AR Broken!*

It seems my AR feature is broken after Chrome 88 update. I’m not going to fix this for a while.

Normal web games or VR is alive and kicking. Why don’t you give them a visit?

Web games page
VR games page

AR support is closed. This document is archived.

Check support first

Post-2017, AR-certified Android phones are supported.
Android OS Version 8+ (Oreo) is required. Use Chrome only.

Do a quick test – Official WebAR Sample
If this sample works, my games should work, too.

Don’t forget to install Google Play Service for AR. You don’t get the start button without this.

AR Start Button

If your phone doesn’t support AR, you won’t see that button.
* AR button doesn’t guarantee this game works.

Beautiful Shots taken in my place

Placing the AR Girl Tutorial (2770KB)
Play Demo Video (4.65MB)
Topside Notch Problem (Galaxy A50)

The touch coordinate is messed in AR Mode.

Other notch style phones may have similar problems. Look for the menu to disable it.

If the top side is hidden by the notch, touch UI in game won’t work correctly.


Doesn’t work?

First check Official WebAR Sample
If this sample doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.

If the sample works, report me errors according to this. If you do that, you are helping me greatly.