Program Feature Updates 2020 part.3

Wow, I’ve fixed much at this phase. Time to open a new thread.


Costume Dropping Effect (fully updated)

If you want to drop the costume quickly, you can also use the scissor mode, rather than cumshot.

Neck and Whole Body sliders (fully updated)

Unfortunately, the Neck will only work correctly on Sophitia. All DOA girls (even Leifang Bikinis and Marie Rose Bikinis) won’t have the Neck. And Yuna neck won’t look good, either. This can’t be fixed.

I think Whole Body slider will be more useful, making the girl more slim & taller, or fatter & shorter.

Also the save feature had some problems, it’ll be fixed. It was constantly resetting every time I update the contents. Though I doubt that anyone uses this limited Body Menu that much.

New Cumshot Effect (Fully updated)

I’m leaving the symbolic bubble icon as it is

Shadow Detail Option (VR Comics)

Oculus Browser update around 8th,July gave the VR Comics a bad frame rate drop. It was related to the shadow detail.

The problem was that my VR Comics were using a huge shadow texture, probably Oculus developers didn’t expect that.

Here’s the new option on the start screen (VR Comics)

Default is down two levels from the previous (8192 to 2048 pixels), we’ll see some frame rate boost in VR comics, get lower quality shadow.

Fell free to experiment with the options. Max (8192 pixels) is for the PC. I can use that when I record promotional videos on PC.

VR Global Scaler (fully updated)

This is the Global Scale button. You’ll know what to do.

VR Stick Movement (fully updated)

If you want to change the speed of stick or menu click movement, use this option

Right hand stick – move
Left hand stick – rotate, altitude

Somehow this feature gives a little motion sickness to me, it’s up to the user to use this or menu.

This stick function reminds me that I might need the swap hands choice again. It’s possible that a user wants the move function on the left, rotation function on the right side. I’ll go without the swap hands for now, and see if such any need arises in the future.

Oculus Go Left Handed Problem (fully updated)

I don’t think many people use Oculus Go in Left Handed mode. Today I found the laser pointer is missing in Left Handed mode????

I fixed it. It’ll be updated in the next full engine update for VR.

Along with it, the useless ‘Swap hands’ option is removed. It was for the legacy WebVR API. WebVR is not used except for the Oculus Rift now, and it doesn’t need swap hands.

Display Frame Rate (fully updated)

I’ve set it ON as default, as many mobile VR users will be curious to know what kind of frame we were seeing.

It was a surprise that what I was seeing was around 20 fps, and it is playable enough (albeit not very pleasant) if I don’t move too much.

my numbers
Oculus Quest (1.6x boost) – around 20 fps
Oculus Rift S – 80fps
Windows Mixed – 90fps

I hope we could get a Oculus Quest V2 soon and double the frame rate ????

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4 years ago

Hi, you are making a great work, not only for porn but also for VR exploration through Web technologies.

Anyway there is a thing that trouble me, is there some plan or already implementation about moving scenes or camera using controllers ? The current way to use controls from the dashboard breaks the VR immersion in my opinion.

Still i understand you seem to have a lot things to manage and controllers for every devices may be a huge thing to support.