Program Feature Updates 2021.1

Auto Eye Contact

(VR Dance, Rhythm, Full Featured VR Standing Girls have this)

Asymmetrical Boob Bounce

(VR Dance, Rhythm, Full Featured VR Standing Girls have this)

Detail here

Getting Rid of the Annoying Laser Cursor in Twohand VR

(VR Hand Revolution games, VR Dance have this update)

Laser cursor is visible only if pointed at the menu button.

Turn off the overhead menu button to completely disable unwanted laser cursor popping up.


Made it easier to grab menu in VR Hand Tracking

(VR Hand Revolution games have this update)

Menu grabbing doesn’t work very well, because the Quest hand tracking sucks in the first place. (it’s only good for grabbing our dicks in a seated position????)

I tuned the menu grabbing to make it easier. What you’re seeing in this video is the result. (still not that good, though) I’d say it’s better than it was before.


Repeat Sex Mode (update complete)

????Office Elevator and all Free Animated Comics
????All full featured Standing Girls

I cannot possibly test all these thoroughly. Especially, one feature may break another. So I hope you to tell me quickly if you see any errors.

Video sound warning – pay attention to the upper right corner

Sometimes I feel that the sex loops in Animated Comics pass by too quickly.

This is the feature that repeats only the sex portion without the transition parts. (like an A-B repeat feature) The range will be set in advance for optimal repetition.

This will give more replay value to the Animated Comics game. Especially, combine this with first person mode (I mean both Web and VR)

Web Animated Comic First person mode (update complete)

???? Office Elevator and all Free Animated Comics

You can adjust the viewing direction in first person mode by
1) Swiping in touch mode
2) Mouse right button drag in PC mode

This is an improvement from the previous rotation button method.

  • note for iOS users
    In iOS, some of you may have noticed that you can’t hold touch input for more than 5 seconds (like in the boob grabing and holding) That’s an inherent problem of iOS Safari, I can’t fix it. A workaround is moving the touch finger constantly.
  • note – I cannot update Standing Girl games (Web or VR) with first person view. No time for it, sorry.


Major Todo (need plan to make time)

-Facial animation mixing
For example, this can be a way to trigger kissing in any poses, it’s a large amount of work.