Download Offline Gamefiles

Oculus Quest VR Guide (updated 2022-6-4)

Sideloaders are all expert users, so I’ll keep this brief.

step1) download and copy extracted files to Quest
Download VR Contents(1.5GB)

step2) download & install Simple Http Server APK

step3) set up SimpleHttpServer

There is a slight complication which appeared recently (as of 2022-4-23).

You cannot choose “Document Root”.  For the SimpleHttpServer to work, you have to copy the contents of the ZIP file into the root directory. 

If done properly, it should look like this picture.

OfflineVR and index.html should be placed in the root directory.

step4) Open Oculus Browser


This method is confirmed in my Quest2. Make sure you read the ‘complication’ in the step3 carefully.

Web VR is not supposed to run like this, it’s too complicated. But it’s your choice.


Easy Downloader Android App (no Quest)

  • No Quest, Smartphones only.
  • Android 8 or later is required.
  • Updated 2022-1-8 with the new additions.

Download APK and install. It handles everything automatically.

  • Download size is 954MB
  • Uninstall SimpleHttpServer if you already have it. (It collides)
  • APK can take a while to install. Don’t cancel.


PC Users download guide

Download Web Contents
Download VR Contents

Windows 10 Image Guide

You need a web server to use this offline files.

I’ve included a very simple web server in the offline version. Run miniweb.exe, then run Chrome or Firefox, type in ‘localhost’ as the address.

You can use any other web server program.


IOS Offline?

iOS doesn’t have any offline method.


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Hello all, I installed the files on my oculus quest 2, to use it in “offline” mode. But when I click on a girl, I have an a message saying that VR mode cannot be used, and I can only use it in “2D” instead of VR. In some rare cases, it works in VR, but it’s very rare (I have to start again and again multiple times one girl to have VR enabled, and this seems to work only for specific girls).
I am using Firefox VR, I also tried with the default Oculus web browser, but each time the same issue. Does anyone know what would be my problem ? Is there a specific VR browser to use ?


im having trouble trying to convert the files to APK to install on my quest 2




Just wanna say it works super well on Oculus Quest 2! Very impressive stuff!


im new to the sideloading thing and im very confused. lol i have a quest2 and trying to download the girls