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chuck Nip
30 days ago

Hi. Is there anyway you could give all vrhand revolution models each others poses? It would be awesome if Maya had Faye, Jana, and Aida’s poses for instance and vice versa.

Chris Andrews
1 month ago

How come I cant play the games?. im blocked out

1 month ago

Hey, I recently bought the classic bundle for vrgame34 and I had no problem with the standing girls. But the comics on the other hand seem to crash after a few seconds after loading in. I’ve cleared my cache and restarted my oculus and setting the graphics to the minimum but nothing worked.

2 months ago

Hello there. Love the app. Is there a way to open or close the mouth of the model in pose simulator ?

Mindya Ownbiz
2 months ago

How do you change breast size? I can’t find the video now.

Robb Garza
3 months ago

thr ai will say it cant reply tobsuch explicit text but i will ask it very clean things and get that response,

John Reed
4 months ago

I just used the posing simulator and it worked fine for me.

John Reed
4 months ago

Went to your index page (rockhardvr.com) and got a virus warning … which I captured and can’t post here… but it says “We’ve safely aborted connection on s.zlink3.com because it was infected with URL:Scam … thought you should know. Just wanted to see if you’d done anything new since I purchased my position in the Pose Simulator or what do you suggest I look at going forward? Thanks!