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Tashi VR
6 days ago

This is amazing, i would suggest the one millon idea if you are the first in be able to introduce IA to this kind of games, would be sick to speak or hear the girl while you are on it!.

Kylo Ren
8 days ago

kasumi bikini doesn’t load. stops at 75%. tried other browser same dif. would love the Hawaii costume for Aida

Al Carlson
1 month ago

I’ve just spent a pleasant hour with the ladies, and I have to tell you again that your work is–and I apologize for using an overused word–awesome. It is the sexiest, most erotic space on the Web!
I have a suggestion that I hope will be easy to implement: backgrounds for the dancers. Aida has two, and they add authenticity to her presence. Maya and Bree don’t. (I admit that I haven’t checked EVERYONE. Aida, Maya, and Bree are my favorites.) So, even if you just add Aida’s backgrounds to Maya and Bree, it will up their appeal. And I have one specific additional background suggestion: a strip club. Any stereotypical club will do.
I hope this is a reasonable and doable request.
I also played a little in AR mode with Bree and Maya. Despite my Quest 2’s grainy black and white pass-through, it was cool to have them at my house. Thanks for making this happen. It should get better with the Quest 3 later this year, especially if pass-through is in color.
This brings me to an idea that may NOT be at all doable, but I’ll toss it out. It would be cool if we could bring our own “environment” to a date with the ladies. Zoom lets you use any .jpg as a virtual background. Or a short .mp4. And I totally realize that a flat 2D image is not the same thing as an immersive 360 degree space, so I’m fine with, “Not possible!” But it doesn’t hurt to ask.
Again, thanks for doing incredible work!

30 days ago

I like the idea of one big piece of content for the dances. I like these dances a lot, it is just relaxing to watch, the moves are so natural. For me the background doesn’t matter too much as my favorite is the pass through mode. I suspect the next oculus will also have full color making it an even better experience. I do find the AR less stressful than the VR environment.

1 month ago

also more ways to mess with the hair like only the ends are a different color or maybe how long it is

1 month ago

why is there no foreplay mode in the pose sim?
also you should add an oral mode

1 month ago

Will you only be adding characters from suggestions in the future or will you also add some of your own?