Pose Simulator Total Guide

1. Quick Guide Video – must watch

Open video in new window

If this your first time and don’t know about VR Hand Revolution,
Learn about Hand Tracking Fap Feature

2. Character Drag&Replace

This feature will fix a lot of character variation problems.

As you can see, posing and color are compatible. But costumes are not compatible. You need to adjust the costumes and save the variation if you want to keep it.

3. Position Save&Restore

Note: Saved position is the position where you click upload. It’s not the position of screenshot.

4. AR Position Adjustment

To recover the AR position easily, you have to sit or stand where you were in your room when you saved the game.

One more tip. Always play with a proper floor height to restore position easily.

5.Extruding Pussy Adjustment

This is extruding pussy:

This is an extreme case of this symptom.

When I create animation in 3DS MAX, the exact same thing happens. I fix this in two steps.

1) adjust the limbs to minimize this problem (by butt rotation and upper body rotation)
2) un-extrude, or push the pussy into the body, so that it doesn’t look pointy.

After it is fixed, it becomes like this:

This video shows the process.

6. Knee Adjustment Example
7. More about Fingers
8. Examples of Reaction Mode

This posture has one hand/leg fixed, and the other hand/leg in the air.

9. Private Collection

Scenes in the Private Collection are easily cycled by clicking “next collection” and “previous collection” button in the Play Mode.

By default, only the scenes made from loaded characters and the current room are visible in the Private Collection. (“Matching Characters” and “Matching Room” options are checked.)

If you need to load scenes made from other girls or other rooms than the current ones, uncheck those options.

You can update scenes in the Private Collection. (as opposed to adding new scenes)

If you have loaded a scene from Private Collection, you’ll see this “private collection loaded” text above the scene title.

While a private collection is loaded, you can update the scene using this update collection button.

10. Special Features of Scene Share

Scene share is a feature to publish your scenes to Pose Gallery.

Look up this article to learn about special features of Scene Share.

Go to VR Page to find game link


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1 month ago

I’ve seen scenes with both characters from this version and Pose Simulator 34, how can you use both sets of characters at once? (I’ve purchased the full version of both)

4 months ago

Yo you’re fucking amazing. Keep it up!

3 months ago
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