About the Developer


Email: [email protected]
Discord: myHTML5game#3358

Looking for participants

If you live in the US and are interested in social marketing, you can participate in this project and get a revenue share.

If you are a Japanese web master or developer, contact me to run a Japanese version of my Web VR game service. You’ll get a high revenue share.

This is not a company business yet. You don’t have to be a professional to participate.

A person with an interest and a vision to grow this project together would be suitable.

Who I am

I’ve been a programmer in B2B sector for 13 years, and in game industry for 7 years, and now retired. My strength as a programmer is in productivity, content-editing features.

My retirement was early, I wanted some subjects to use my skill in. So I’ve started this site as a hobby.

My Tastes

For everyday casual refreshment, I only play something animated, something easy to use, straight to the point stuffs.

I hate reading novels on screen. I hate filling gauges to see the next scene. I hate bad user interface. This site reflects my tastes

My Goal

Currently, I’m concentrating on VR adult gaming. I’d like to become a porn game company with this.

Looking for ad spots to buy

If you own a blog about VR, contact me. I pay for most of my ads.


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After i downloaded the standing girl mini games on android , how am i suppose to run them ? I am very confused about the code and webview .