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  • Animations takes 100 hours per a single character content, 180 hours per a story content

For anyone asking a parody of game or anime girls, it takes too long to set up a new girl, it’s impossible. I can only make some quick animations using the existing girls.

Aida Collection (in progress)

Aida Collection is a paid early access item now.

I hope many of you will buy this because the future of the Premium Standing Girl series depends on the sale in my store.

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You guys should make a gloryhole scene.


I know that it might be out of the blue, or maybe you’ve been asked this before, but have you ever considered creating futanari standing models. Just a thought for those possibly looking for a Web based on Futanari experience.


please make some pokemon avatars (the girls not the pokemon)


Could you do some Senran Kagura characters? Preferably Yomi, or Haruka?


You are the only person creating such amazing content (that I can find), so thank you for your hard work! I love just being able to manipulate the different attributes of the standing models.

Not everyone is into this, but the idea of gender swapping is very intriguing. Is it possible to turn the viewer into a female? For example, looking down and seeing breasts, having female hands and arms, etc. I know there are limitations regarding body movement because the vr set only has location data for the head and hands, but I’ve seen other programs estimate where the limbs go. The best part would be if you could look in a mirror and see yourself as a woman with the head and hand motions matching.

Just a thought. I’m curious about your opinions and understand it’s not for everyone.

Thank you again for your hard work and dedication.


It would be neat to see the overwatch models you had, except in VR!


you should use hinata for the first premiun since you already have the model and the clothing and since its pretty popular