Animated Comic Status Log

(This log is closed. no more updates)

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Ahegao Faces collection in case you’re interested in these stuffs

1/30/2020 Cum inside effect

Wet skin around pussy and thighs, and cum flowing down. Again, not the top notch as the beach cumshot was not, but it does the job.

My observation is that, people don’t want top notch technique demos which are incomplete, people want something complete. So it is much better than nothing

Will be updated today with complete facial expressions

1/29/2020 I don’t know how many would explore all this detail..but

To see this, VR players must lie down and look up, Web players will have to shut all background off and rotate to look up from below ????

I’ll continue to make this detail because facial expressions are what makes an animation whole

And, while I watch only pretty face girl porns (their acting usually bad, not much expressions lol), it seems many of you guys like the girl in ahegao, expressionate states

1/29/2020 Why the speech bubble flipping is necessary

prior case – bubbles intersect if seen from the opposite direction I intended to be seen.
latter case – bubble flips automatically if seen from the opposite direction

And there’s also speech off button (updated)

Today was a minor update, new bigger updates are waiting (harder for me of course) Facial expression for penis insertion scenes will be also reworked

1/21/2020 today scene (demo updated)
1/20/2020 Next… Still can’t put it in
1/19/2020 I’m tired, I want to put it in ????

But, this kind of smooth flow is only possible in HTML5 Game, Animated Comics. I withstand it to the limit

1/18/2020 Flirting scene almost done (demo updated)

I could get physically sick making these ???? But, I’m tired of seeing 2 seconds looping penis insertion clips. It’s time for something new


1/14/2020 Found a new way to align the eyesight

For experienced graphic designers, this would’ve been taken for granted. I’m still a learner ????

By drawing a line from the eye, I can tell exactly the character is looking at. The result is like this, using the character’s viewpoint

Exactly where we want to watch. This is good for normal mode. VR mode is irrelevant because player controls the angle in VR

1/12/2020 First dialogue scene
12/26/2019 First Scene Video

Walk animation definitely improved. Why should it be so obvious that she drops the book there LOL, because porns are always like that.

Program Feature Updates Nov,2019

12/28/2019 New Effects

Looks promising. With the sliders support, user can make many  variations on its strength or color

Cumshot testing. This should have been added from the start whatever the quality was. Should make it splash on the skin or background to be complete.

11/15/2019 Intend to give every pose reaction this time

Last September, I’ve tested some back-touching style poses for VR viewing. This time on Leifang, I intend to give all of them some reactions and sound effects.

Programs are prepared for it, but graphics are lagging again. No helps in that field yet. I have to go through it myself at least a year.

I intend to release it within this month.

11/15/2019 Eye mode to normal version

Normal xxx scene contents have eye buttons. You can control it like playing a rail-shooter in first person mode.

Get some nice views like this

11/10/2019 Seeing from their perspective

While replying to a comment, I’ve come up with a nice new feature.

On the menu, there’re two new buttons. One is girl’s eye, the other is guy’s eye.

If you turn it on, you’re replacing the head (and the character becomes headless)  Eye position is automatically aligned to the character’s eye, viewing angle is still up to you.

Autonomous movement may cause some dizziness in VR. I was sitting while I was recording, it was okay for me.

You can look from the girl’s perspective, look at your gorgeous body, look down at the guy from the top, or look at his penis coming into you ????????

Both Kokoro beach and ChunLi beach is updated.

(Now that I think about it, this feature is also useful on the normal versions)

September-October Graphics

I keep this post to keep track of my own works. You only need to see the final, no need to know the process ????

10/26/2019 This post is closed

Chun Li vs Ryu is done and updated

10/26/2019 Another morning

I think I’m at the limit finally. Every pose and the girl’s reaction starts to look all the same to my eyes. I better end this with just one more I’m working right now.

Then run a small Facebook ad, make a post on a Reddit, upload videos to PornHub and YouTube, then close this month.

10/25/2019 Back to work after breakfast

Added eyes and lip movement to the last animations and updated. I hope I can finish the remaining two today.

This beach animation is starting to look like a complete porn clip with these additional animations. Wouldn’t you say?

This month mission is not over until I add two more cuts and run a promotion of this new content.

Next month isn’t easy at all. Update new animations to Kokoro vs Zack, then I plan to replace all of Leifang’s reactions.

10/24/2019 Added two animations, updated

I’m going to sleep. You can check it out, two cuts before the last one.

I think I cannot update Kokoro vs Zack with new animations within this month. I overdid too much.

10/24/2019 Overdoing again ????

It seems to be the habit – overdoing. I gave everything I could think of in that position.

I’m worried how long it would take to apply this animation to Kokoro‼ I swear I’ll go easy on another two. Just up&downs next time.

45 seconds is crazy. It will become 50+ seconds if I give her a little relaxing seconds.

10/23/2019 Drafts of new sex motions

You may see from here that my animations are improving while I’m struggling, LOL

In previous animations, characters were placed rather distant (I should have scaled down the Zack’s penis a bit ????)

They look more intimate this time. It wouldn’t take too long this time. Now the basic poses are set, remaining works are just pumping as it is.

10/22/2019 So it took two weeks after draft

It took one month to create that beach animations initially, and half month to copy it on other characters.

It was hard but a meaningful exercise.

Leifang should be postponed to early next month. It’s obviously impossible to post two graphic contents in a month. The stress will continue to gain as the quality of the contents grows.

10/22/2019 Hired a person to help new character

He is not a volunteer but works at a minimal fee. He’ll work on 4 Tekken characers. If that guy stays long, probably I can present monthly one brand new character every month. Sailor Soldiers,One Piece girls or more.

10/19/2019 Two more

Deep throat was quite difficult. I think I’ll finish Sunday, but it’s not quite over yet. I have to add eyes and lips movement. Then try two more sex animation (Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl) to both Kokoro and Chun Li.

10/18/2019 About half done and uploaded

Half done as in 5/10 animations fixed. I think most difficult ones are done. Transition animations (like walking around) are the most difficult ones. If I skip those and just make caressing and insertions, work would process much faster, but it would not be very different from SFM movies I think.

Some walking around and shifting postures would add more flavors to it.

10/17/2019 4/10 cuts fixed

I think I can finish this Sunday (2-3 cuts per day) I plann to add one more insertion pose to both Kokoro and Chun Li, so it may take 1-2 days more.

10/16/2019 Haven’t updated for a while

I’ve been switching between this and that for a while, probably because that draft animation overwhelmed me even before I started ???? 2/10 scenes fixed for now.

This is Lei Fang’s new idle pose I’m going to use. I’ve got some inspirations from playing Gal Gun recently. I’m tired of reusing stock reactions LOL. I’ll try to replace all reactions by Gal-Gun style ecstasy hits.

Lei Fang looks real pretty here???? It’s a good thing copyright holders are not striking internet creations.

The guy I initially paid to create those early day animations was from mobile fight game development, he didn’t know how to move girls’ butts at all ????

10/9/2019 Little improvement of Standing Girls

Seabed and dildo poses (Chun Li,Kokoro,Honoka bikinis) will play in succession. Use special pose button to play the initial pose and leave it to play.

It’ll give a little more feeling of continuity to the girl’s action.

10/7/2019 Chun Li vs Ryu draft shot

Why is she walking around that far from him? ???????? This is warning me of crazy labors

3DS MAX auto generated animations – better than nothing. I can skip the creative part and move to labors right away

Take look at the draft version if you’re really interested
Hands,feet,penis are all wrong ???? I cannot present this as any of my contents.

Several users asked why I cannot copy all the sexual animations to all characters. This is why. About 30hrs of work ahead.

10/7/2019 Maybe a donation poll?

Maybe I can set up a donation poll about creating a certain content. If it doesn’t reach the target amount, I can easily give back whatever amount received through PayPal cancellation.

50$ sum can be considered a friendly encouragement to each other. It’s not a small sum to pay for a free content, either.

I used to pay 400$ for each DOA girl in 2016-2017???? Maybe I should have cut it to 300$ and be an evil employer???? I stopped that practice to preserve my savings as long as possible.

Anyway, my focus is not on the publicity aspect right now. As my audience grows, donation-poll like activity will become possible gradually.

10/4/2019 Butt upgrades from now on

I am doing boob-upgrade whenever I retouch any old models from 2016-2017. From now on I’m also doing butt upgrades.

Moving to DOA6 models will be the best scenario, but I haven’t learned stable process to set up a brand new character yet. It will have to with with I have now.

(Image’s from Leifang I’m working next)

10/1/2019 Chun Li Bikinis complete

This month (Oct), I’ll at least make Chun Li x Ryu on the beach scene, and Leifang Bikinis.

I plan to create a brand new XXX scene (I’m expecting Teacher Kasumi x student Hayate kind of scene here) It takes a whole month, I have to see how the situation goes.

And on the next XXX scene, I’ll try more variant facial expressions. Currently I only have eye-blink and ‘ah’. I cannot go on anymore with only that.

9/27/2019 One step forward

Fixed squatting dildo animations today. Reduced the size to 12MBs.

Tomorrow I’ll take care of ‘seabeds touching herself anims’, which are the hardest ones. Whenever I do this job, I feel the work closer to finish only after I fix the seabeds touching animations ????????

9/26/2019 Initial state is like this

Try it out in case you’re really interested. These are after 10 hrs of work. It takes 22MBs of data (it’s not optimized yet)

I’ve worked on two of the special poses so far, but the rest is just auto-generated state from the 3D graphic software.

Postures are unnatural, hands and feet are all wrongly placed, dildo goes into the skin not the hole.. it’s endless ????????

It’ll take about 20-30 hrs to finish all these.

The relief is that I can reuse stock reaction poses and sound effects.

9/26/2019 Working on Chun-Li bikinis with full upgrades

Maybe a few people are interested in how the VR programs are progressing, but I doubt anyone would be interested in how the graphics are going. Most would be interested in only the finals.

This work batch consists of Chun Li full upgrades, and Chun Li x Ryu beach scene. By full upgrades, I mean applying all existing sexual animations to it.

VR New Features (September)

10/3/2019 Expand boobs with A/B button (Oculus only)

This feature only works in Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift
A/X button : grab, then pull/push
B/Y button : put hands over the boobs, then hold button

Side button is call-menu button.

Hit test in 3D is not very accurate. Sometimes you think your hands are over the boobs, but you can be pointing some other parts ???? (Later, I can add a hit indicator like VR Kanojo does)

The reason for only supporting Oculus is, button mappings are different in various devices. I’ll need the specific device to make it right.

9/28/2019 Eye snapping – this is very good

In this video, I’m constantly pushing my head toward her. Now we can smudge our whatever over the girls’ body in the virtual spaces.

9/27/2019 precision hand snapping

You can see the difference here. (right hand – precision snap, left hand – previous snap) It’s a little better, but refresh rate stutters even in my modest 8350K desktop ???????? I can’t keep this on.

The reason it’s so slow is that it crawls through every triangle in the 3D model. It’s bound to be slow (it’s not the lack of optimization, LOL)

Same calculation also happens when you use the scissor, that’s slow too.

9/19/2019 New test pose
9/18/2019 VR Standing Girls complete (Position + Two Hand)

I’ve updated the VR game page.

I’ve added two new idle pose below to “Bikini,Lingerie contents” (No reaction to touch, it was just one day’s graphic job after all)

Click Special Pose to left side, you’ll see them.

9/16/2019 Idea about VR improvements

Say when you go behind the girl (like the video under), you will switch the pose to this.


It is making ‘o’ in her left hands ???? I can give it just a little reaction when her sensitive parts are touched.

When the player has seen enough, the player can switch to pose like this.


What do you think? I’m certain that I’ve shown you guys just under 20% of what I can accomplish. I hope some of you will stay till you see all of it ????

Games like sex simulators (gamers fills the gauge to proceed to the next scene) aren’t my style. I’m the type who download the 100% savegame firsthand , LOL.

So, “character animation viewer with some interaction, which requires no effort”, my games will be like that.

9/15/2019 Grab Boobs

Next update will be complete on VR Standing Girls. Almost done.

9/14/2019 Caressing boobs

See the difference? First (Snap on) Second (Hollow) Third(Again On)

9/13/2019 Two hands support progress


9/7/2019 Standing Girl VR Demo Video

Normally I don’t find these girls arousing at all because I’ve seen them too much. When I see these, I don’t see boobs and pussy, in my eyes, those are just dumb chunks of polygons. But somehow, I find this VR session a little bit arousing. So this must be good, haha.

If I give them proper reactions at these situations, I could really be something.

9/7/2019 VR Cutscene Final (except two-hands)

Still a long way to go anyway. Sound effects, bodily fluids, several more sex motions, dialogs, I have to accomplish them this year.

you can find the final link here


Scissor Style Costume Breaking

This is a new type of costume breaking feature.

It was suggested last year in the guestbook. Since I and old time fans were all bound to be fed up with shooting bubbles, I planned to add this feature anytime, and finally I took the time.

We’re all familiar with these icons at the top center.  It’s the third one.

It works like this

The result is

Here are the new options about the scissor mode in case you need it

Turn off Clothing Shatter Effect if you want the clothes to stay on its ragged state.
Costume Scissor Size is self explanatory.

As many of you know by now, I have the good habit of taking a suggestion then coming out with more than suggested LOL ???? So, don’t hesitate to suggest any feature ideas.

It’s unfortunate that I can’t take up as many character requests as hoped. Since I’m doing it alone and my original job is a programmer, I’m really slow at graphics.

Kokoro XXX Zack on the Beach status

7/1/2019 One last scene to go

One last scene to make! I intended to complete in June but it seems impossible. It’s almost done anyway. It’s uploaded for testing. You can check it out if you’d like.

Each scene took me about 5 hrs, with 10 scenes, it was 50 hrs work I think.

Reusing this animation should take about 30 hrs. Yeah, the ‘reusing’ doesn’t mean ‘easy’ at all. Just the planning part is reused, labor is all the same ????

6/22/2019 Working Test Version

Working test version is uploaded. You can reach it from Front Page, 2nd link. There’ll be no more logs. Next version will be final.

6/18/2019 Another Clip

Going good ???? Somehow, transition animations have been the hardest ones to make. After this one, I’m going to skip transition and create some repeating sex poses.

6/14/2019 Progress

Finally Zack is walking up to Kokoro ???????? This is hard, longest animation I’ve ever made so far.

6/7/2019 planned to upload within this month

I would hope to release it sooner, but in this case, I need to do graphics and also need some changes in programs. So I don’t know what kind of problems will show up yet.

I would reuse this scene on Chun-Li x Ryu. Maybe one other character pair on the request.

6/7/2019 This should turn out good

My plan is, Kokoro walks around while Zack is relaxing (scratching his balls), Kokoro takes off her pants and touches herself, Zack joins and sex. About three minutes’ worth animation sequences.

This animation should be reusable for Honoka, Mai Shiranui. The other characters don’t have the necessary “pussy control”, so it would take more time.

This is Kokoro taking off pants while Zack watching

VR Renovations May-June,2019

6/9/2019 3DOF Controller Pointer Stable

I made pointing with 3DOF controllers more stable, it was rather erratic in the last versions. (all updated)

6/4/2019 About Performance

You might note that on the mobile browsers, the frame rate is rather bad. The reasons could be that
1) my own fault ???? I’m not very proficient at shaders actually. I can see there can be about 2x speed improvements if I do everything possible. But 2x is still not sufficient,
2) those 3D models are not made for mobiles

Still I’m continuing to do shader optimizations whenever I have some spare times.

6/4/2009 Renovation of VR Girls is complete. All updated.

I can use these upgrades as groundworks for more complicated sexual watch contents

While in VR mode, you can move the menu board so it doesn’t block the view. It works like HUD

There are four types of control schemes.
VR Controller – VR headset with 3DOF controller
Gamepad – Cardboard headset and user-bought gamepad
Cardboard Button – Just a button
None – For the last resort, when the Cardboard Button is broken that keeps firing, or not firing at all ????


Finally! 3DOF VR controller support. In the future, I’ll have to support 6DOF. Considering the complexity of current contents, I’m satisfied with 3DOF for now. Also gamepads are supported.
(not yet uploaded. under final testing)

6/2/2019 Minor Improvements on VR girls

Removed sky images – they were out of focus
Adjusted initial distance from the character – it was too close
VR girls selection page is updated like Non-VR – missing girls and list table added
(not yet uploaded. I have to do just one more thing ???? too many details to cover, it’s unending)

5/28/2019 New Layout for the VR girls

Last Layout was derived from non-VR mode, but I’ve realized it wasn’t any good because I had to move my head too much to rotate or move the character, and the buttons blocked the character. This is the new layout from now on. (not yet uploaded)